todayitryto: do a quick review on the Havi B3 Pro 1

tldr: The most good average IEM I have ever listened to but I’m not totally sure that it’s neutral.

Bass: Isn’t up to my taste but can actually retrieve a decent amount of detail. The is some bass roll off. It can still rumble when it needs to but I would often find the bass lacking in quantity.
Mids: are nice and neutral. Vocals sounds pretty good despite not being able to pick tiny details. This is probably because of the soundstage and imaging.
Treble: It’s nice, no noticeable spikes and it doesn’t try to kill you but still has decent presence and airy-ness.
I found the detail retrieval to be average overall the ranges.
Soundstage is pretty good for a headphone at this price point (I’ve been spoiled by more expensive headphones) Imaging and separation is also pretty good. I can pick out the vocals from the instruments and the instruments from other instruments.
Pretty decent isolation. I could totally use it in a noisy room and listen to some music with
minimal annoyance.

You might need an amp or need to pump up the volume to a level higher than you usually listen to. Not a big fan of the cable especially the four wires stuck together thing they have going on. I like the right-angle jack and I like the glass on the IEM housings.

This may sound like a “safe” review since I’m not really orgasming or overly criticizing anything but that’s what this headphone is and you can’t really go wrong with it either. I’d recommend this to people who like neutral sound signatures, even though I don’t think it’s neutral since it doesn’t “faithfully” re-create the song and actually colors it in some way (here’s the unsure part, I can’t tell how it’s being colored but to me it sounds unnatural) but that’s not a bad thing. If it could be improved I’d ask for a detachable cable, make it easier to drive, and make it more detail oriented in their sound so that it could function as a cheap and decent stage monitor.


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