todayitryto: do a quick review on the Shozy Zero


tldr: affordable smooth dark chocolate

I have never heard of Shozy and only heard about them when I asked for recommendations for good cheap IEMs. I bought the Shozy Zero for $50 USD and I couldn’t be happier. I honestly wouldn’t have mind paying 2x-3x the price. But beware the Zero isn’t just a steal but some really good bait designed to lure you in to Shozy’s house sound and make your wallet cry after seeing all their other tempting products. (I wish I was getting paid to say this)

Don’t mind my “strain relief”

Bass: It has very natural and chunky bass, that is how I will describe it. The bass is forward but you wouldn’t mind because its so tight and well controlled. It extends pretty decently giving some rumble.
Mids: Not veiled. They’re warm, sweet, and lush. Upper-mids are smooth while lower-mids are full. Feels almost liquid-y.
Treble: Very smooth and is laid back in terms of presentation since the mids and bass take centre stage. Some might considered it recessed, I think it has enough sparkle but stuff like violins and pianos lack that harshness that I like.
Sounstage/Imaging: I was surprised with how wide it is. While not a giant-killer the soundstage is wide and airy and has a decent amount of depth. I consider the imaging to be pretty decent.

I don’t know where to put this (bass, mids, or treble) but I think it sounds dark. While it doesn’t have the best detail retrieval, I actually found it lacking, it’s makes for a very nice musical/analog sound. Usually I would stick these in my ear when I wanted to unwind, now I use the FAD Heaven VI, but I want to praise the Zero because of its value for money.


Build: Rosewood man, looks really really good. I baby these IEMs a lot, not wanting to get any kind of mark or scuff on them. Cable is soft and rubbery, too rubbery in my opinion. No chin slider on this one means its able to make a fair amount of cable noise while walking about, but Shozy did add a slider in their latest stocks of the Zero. I wish the L-R markings were better and I wish there was some sort of strain relief for the jack but I once I start listening to these I just stop caring.

Lots of pictures for this post because I think they’re very good looking.


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