todayitryto: do a quick review on the Samsung Galaxy K


tldr: Not bad as a camera, not really good as a phone

Lets start with the biggest problem.
Battery Life
I get at most, 1 day’s worth of  usage out of this phone. That would be me just going on the internet every now and again, listening to some music, making some texts.  Didn’t even use the camera. Using the camera, battery doesn’t last to anywhere close to a quarter of a day.
I definitely do not see myself using this as a camera for a whole day, the thing will just die before I’m even close to halfway done with all the shots.
Using the camera for like 10 minutes(this is just off the top of my head) will make the phone warm, which to me is kinda understandable, and will probably take a 20% chunk out of your current battery life.

Will it fit in my pocket?
Yes. It will probably stick out but yes it will fit.

Can I use a normal camera tripod with it?
Nope. One of my gripes is the Galaxy camera (this thing’s predecessor) had a tripod mount. but somehow in the process of “improving” the predecessor’s design they got the amazing idea to get rid of it. Idiots.


Please go back to reviewing the phone?
Fine. The screen is your standard samsung OLED screen. Colors are more colorful than usual and very black blacks. The size is actually nice, which for some reason is odd to hear from a 4.8 inch screen now since most smartphones have at least 5 inches in their screens. I usually have to turn up the brightness past halfway in order to see it in sunlight.

Answering calls might make you look a bit odd but you can hear the other person well and they can hear you so all is well. You can use it to listen to music, the built-in dac and amp is meh but it has OTG so hooking up a dac/amp like a FiiO E7K is the way to go but the added bulk will just make you think “Ah, I should just buy some cheap mp3 player or use some old smartphone I lying around in my house.”


TouchWiz is shite like always and Samsung doesn’t update the thing anymore so look into installing a custom ROM if you want something better than android 4.4. The thing has “meh” specs by today’s standards but I had no trouble with lag or slowdowns so far. It usually has 8gb of built in storage, not at a lot but it is expandable. The ones from Korea have 16gb. Mine is, and the thing is in english except for some apps that come pre-installed.

Camera photos go here ->
Camera is pretty good. Around the edges you might see some blurring but it’s not super obvious. “Manual” mode isn’t totally manual but it’s all right I guess? It’s definitely missing some settings but it gets the job done.  It can record 1080p at 60 frames and the dual microphones let it record some decent audio, but with this battery life don’t be expecting to be filming any full length movies. Shutter button is nice. Auto-focus might give you some trouble sometimes. Certain macro shots took like 5 mins because I’m just tapping on the screen praying it will focus. But man does it blow most smartphone cameras out of the water.

It’s an average phone with a point and shoot camera slapped on the back.



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