todayitryto: do a quick review on the Final Audio Design Heaven VI

final-audio-hFinal Audio Design make some of the most beautiful and best sounding headphones on the market, and the Heaven VI are no exception. The Heaven line of headphones use a single balanced armature. The Heaven VI is my first introduction to the Final Audio house sound and so far these are the best single BA, or even best BA, implementation I’ve ever heard.

Bass: It actually extends pretty low and it can retrieve a decent amount of detail. No bleeding happening here. Very punchy, quite impressed with its bass.
Mids: Just like every other review of this headphone, I too think the mids are to die for. Pianos, guitars, and trumpets sound amazing. Vocals sound amazing. Mids are forward and full.
Treble: Laid back and clear. Very inoffensive, but when you start playing rock you’ll find yourself wanting more. Still able to get a decent amount of detail and presence.
Soundstage & Imaging: Very wide, has some verticality. Separation between instruments is very good.

I may not sound amazed but I really am, so much that I don’t want to use them everyday because I don’t want to get tired of their sound which I’m sure is impossible. I’m having trouble on where to mention this but it has quite a bit of clarity for such a musical sound.

Isolation & Build: Isolation is better than what you’d expect from any IEM because of the seal and that the barrel is longer than the usual IEM. I usually alternate between double flanges and the largest silicon tip you’d find from any IEM. Lots of cable noise when walking. Build quality is amazing, its so shiny and (this is probably just me) having cold metal in my ears is a plus. I don’t like the look of the flat cable but it’s pretty good so far. The headphone jack is small but I’m not worried about accidentally destroying it.

Is it worth the price brand new?
In my opinion, nope. Even with all the accessories. I know how the brand effortlessly exudes quality, I would often see the prices on their products as “designer” prices but not all of them, but at the price point of sub $500(It’s at $479 on amazon last time I checked), the Heaven VI has many competitors (Sony EX1000, JVC HA-FX700, Westone 4r, Shure 535, UE900s) all of them unique.

What about second hand? Like even if it’s still $200 or something below $400?
Hells yeah man, no second thoughts just do it.



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