todayitryto: share my quick thoughts on Kimi no Na Wa


tldr: It’s pretty good but not a masterpiece. A fun watch for everyone. I have no idea why people are comparing it to Miyazaki’s work though. Definitely watch it in a proper theatre.

Love how it looks, not surprising anyone with this line especially those who are familiar with Makoto Shinkai’s other works. Characters look good, backgrounds look good, moving things look good. If they used CGI, they’ve done it in a way that I’m not even sure they used it as I never noticed it. Also mouths don’t look out of sync. Also, nice boobs.

I like the soundtrack, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it but I really don’t need anymore timelapses with RADWIMPS playing. I’m going to say they went with the safe approach with the soundtrack as I only remember RADWIMPS and don’t remember any other songs or even a song playing during critical moments in the movie.

Story has body-swapping and time travel and romance. I am so glad that they implemented this story in way that didn’t end up as a train wreck. Going with the not science-y approach with the time travel and body-swapping was a good choice, the viewers would just accept it and not mind it. I really wish I saw more on how they developed feelings for each other instead of RADWIMPS timelapses, and I really wish there was at least 2 more minutes after the protags meet each other on, by now, the famous staircase. Like even if all they did was awkwardly introduce themselves again I personally would think it’s better than ending it as they were about to introduce themselves. Though now if I want to see what happened after the movie, I would just look for doujinshi.

I wonder how many reviews used this gif

Is it overrated?
Sorry for the cop out but I’m not really sure. I definitely agree it’s not perfect and that it doesn’t deserve a 10/10 but I think it definitely deserves the amount of sales/viewings/money it’s getting

I think it’s safe to say it’s successful outside of Japan. I think it’s proof that a story told well no matter what the medium being used is a story worth hearing. I’m pretty sure there are a bunch of directors/studios in Japan that are jealous that a body-swap/time travel story made millions not just in Japan but, by now, the whole world, and hopefully they all have better stories and creative ways of telling them and really really want to see money that isn’t Yen. So here’s hoping that more studios try to bring animation outside of Japan.



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