todayitryto: do a quick review on the Auglamour R8

FiiO E06 -> Auglamour R8

The amazing build quality and for the number of accessories that came with it, I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually cost double the price they’re selling them at.

(DISCLAIMER: I only own the silver/brushed metal pair. I haven’t tried the black ones or the new gold ones so I don’t know if there is a difference in sound)

Using the medium silicone tips, these IEMs have an emphasis on bass as expected from a dynamic driver, but not enough that you could call this pair a pair for bassheads. Bass is thick with a little bit of bleed. Vocals sounds great and mids have plenty of detail and are full. I think the treble is recessed. To me the treble is too relaxed and lacks the details for jazz music.
I found the foams that came with the IEMs make the mids and treble too warm and I think I just suck at using foams as I can’t seem to get a proper seal with them.

Somewhere between average and narrow. Vocals are presented in front of you. It has “okay” separation. Not sure how else to describe it but I have seen it been described as having a bit of height but not much depth.

Easy to drive, I just plug these straight into my smartphone with the volume usually around halfway or a couple of steps below halfway depending where I am.

This is its the biggest problem. When I first got these, I spent a lot of time fiddling with them in my ears since I can’t seem to get a proper seal. I’m pretty sure its because the nozzle is too short. The medium sized silicon tips gave me the best seal out of all of them.

This came with plenty of tips, including a pair of medium foams, their colors were random so you might yellow while someone else who ordered on the same day might get orange.
A pair of earguides, mine were dark transparent (does that make sense?). They didn’t feel flimsy and fitting them to them IEMs wasn’t a pain in the ass.
Also a really nice black pelican case for the IEMs. Not sure if they’re waterproof since I’ve never bothered to test that.

Holy crap it’s all metal. No really its housing is all metal. And the uses two pin connectors.  And the cable is braided and soft that ends with an L-shaped plug. Also a chin slider. To me that’s freaking amazing, especially at this price point.

Even if you don’t like its sound that much (I don’t) it’s a steal. I keep these as my backup IEMs just in case I somehow lose of break whatever pair I’m currently using. If you can fit them properly they can totally be used as daily drivers.


Bonus, they look cool.


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