todayitryto: do a quick review on the TY Hi-Z (32 ohm) Earbud

Hi ZBought it at around the same price as the VE monk+, another really good earbud.

If you saw the VE monks and thought “Fuck it, I’ll give it a shot” and was amazed, you should definitely give these a try.

One of the best ways to describe its sound is from 1clearhead’s post (
where the Hi-Z sounds like a tube amp while the monks sound like a digital amp.

In my opinion the Hi-Z’s are way better. (I’ll probably do a comparison someday… someday…)

(I’m using full foam covers by the way)

Man, the soundstage on these is BIG compared to the monks. I know the saying “These sound like full on over ear, open back headphones” gets used a lot with good earbuds but they actually mean it, and to me these are no exception. You can get a good idea of where the instruments are, especially with the “open” nature of earbuds, these buds also offer decent separation.

Relaxed yet still neutral. Treble doesn’t pierce my ears, drums sound nice. You can hear the mids really well with these, vocals sound great too. As for the bass, I was not expecting this much sub-bass with an earbud which made me really happy. You can hear a good amount of detail from all ranges, but I mostly noticed the mids (It’s probably just me though).

These buds are easy to drive (I run these off my smartphone) which leads to many listening happy sessions. I usually find myself listening to jazz or music with some kind of horn in it. I’d totally use these everyday for commuting but for now I’ll just listen to these while I work.

UPDATE 7/24/2016
I forgot to mention that it came with a bunch of foams, some donut foams too. The only bad thing about these buds would be the lack of a chin slider and that the plug isn’t in an L shape but those can be easily overlooked once you listen to them.


2 thoughts on “todayitryto: do a quick review on the TY Hi-Z (32 ohm) Earbud

  1. im thinking about this ty or senn mx170. ty because some say its very good to its price, mx170 because its a sennheiser and deserves the attention


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